Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Daring to Open a Virtual Coffee Shop!

It sounds terribly narcissistic to have one's own Facebook Group for fans  of one's own novels, but to repay loyal readers by allowing characters to take the floor as guests at Francine's FaceBook Readership Coffee House, and provide notice of of upcoming e-book titles and that of paperback releases.  

Facebook has become the buzz place for authors to talk about and sell their books, so why not have a special place where fans can join together and discuss elements of my stories, the characters, and peripheral characters, and all without giving away vital points or a climaxing denouement (play on words), if such transpires or not before, as may well be the case given there are a good many dashing lusty heroic men and teasingly provocative young ladies. So what can I say more - if you enjoy my stories please feel free to join with other like-minded souls at my Coffee House.